Defining shipping zones

On this page, you can manage how you deliver your orders.

In your hub click on the Settings icon located at the bottom left of the side navigation.

In the Settings Page click on the Shipping icon

How to add a shipping zone and assign countries

Shipping zones define the cost of shipping in different areas of the world. Collecting countries together in zones allows you to assign the best shipping and delivery options for customers.

By default, your shop comes with one shipping zone created with the name  Local and Kenya as the default country.

Click on the Create Shipping Zone button in the top right corner of the Shipping Zones page.

In the Create page add the Zone name and assign countries to it then click on the Add Shipping zone to save.

How to remove shipping zones and countries

You can delete an individual shipping zone by clicking on the Delete icon in the Zone delete page. Note this is irreversible.

To update a shipping zone, or remove/ add countries to it click on the update button on the top right.

How to add shipping rates

Find rates offered by couriers for the delivery of your goods and add them to your shipping zones.

When your customers get to the checkout section of your shop, they will be presented with these shipment options and prices.

On the Shipping zone detail page, click on the Rates tab

Shopyangu currently offers one type of shipping:

  • Price-based shipping.
  • Pickup Locations (coming Soon)

Price-base shipping defines the cost base upon the value of goods. Can be used when the order prices falls within a certain range. For Example;

  • from KSH0 to KSH1000- shipping method A
  • from KSH2000 to KSH5000 - Shipping method B
  • Over KSH5000 - Shipping method C

Example use cases of the Price based rate are;

  • Offering a free (or discounted) shipping on orders above a certain price threshold.
  • Increasing the shipping price for heavy orders.

How to add a courier

Click  Add Rate Button in the rates Tab

The following fields are required;

  • Choose the Shipping Zone the rate will belong to 
  • Fill the name of the courier in the Rate Name field.
  • Define if there are minimum and/or maximum weight or price values put in place by couriers.
    • If there are no limitations, select the There are no value limits checkbox.
    • If there are limitations, input them into the fields as the value range. If you leave the minimum value empty, it means that there is no lower threshold. If you leave the maximum value empty, it means there is no maximum weight or price value.
  • Free or Paid Shipping

    If you offer free shipping, select the This is free shipping checkbox.

If shipping is charged, input the rate per weight unit in the currency field.

How to remove couriers

To remove a courier simply click on the trash icon in the Rates tab

Or by clicking on the Delete button on the Rate Detail page.